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Apple unveils five new iPad Pro commercials

Apple has just published five new commercials at once iPad Pro on your YouTube channel. The interesting thing about them is that each one shows different things that can be done today on an iPad, and Apple has given great prominence to several third-party apps.

Check them out below:

A new way to design your space

IPad Pro gives you a new way to create your perfect space. Sketch your vision with Apple Pencil and use Augmented Reality to buy furniture without ever leaving your home.

A new way of taking notes

IPad Pro allows you to take unforgettable notes in a new way. With the Notability app, you can write, type, draw and even record them.

A new way to abandon paper

IPad Pro gives you a new way to abandon paper. Scan receipts, write down your documents and store everything in the cloud.

A new way to create a presentation

IPad Pro gives you a new way to create dynamic presentations with Keynote, take notes in real time and share wirelessly.

A new way to host your own podcast

With iPad Pro, you have everything you need to start your own podcast. Open the Anchor app, connect a USB-C microphone, start recording and share it with the world.

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