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Apple may abandon LCD screens on iPhones in 2020

A few days ago, we commented on the first more consistent rumors about what Apple might adopt in the next iPhones, which are due to be released in the second half of this year. Among the possibilities, the Wall Street Journal pointed out that the successor of the iPhone XR has, as well as the current version, an LCD screen.

Now, the same newspaper reported that Ma intends to abandon the use of this technology in favor of OLED throughout the line-up of iPhones in 2020, which means that the successor to the iPhone XR would be the last model to use this type of display. More than renouncing an ?old? technology, the move to OLED ?allows for a more flexible device design?, according to people familiar with the company's production plans.

In addition, the WSJ suggested earlier this month that one of Apple's screen vendors, Japan Display, would be seeking help from investors to stabilize itself after cutting production on new iPhones, particularly with respect to the XR model. Today's report not only adds fuel to that rumor, as it states that the manufacturer is in "advanced negotiations" with another Apple supplier, TPK Holdings, and with the Chinese state-owned Silk Road Fund.

In addition to the cut in the production of iPhones, the newspaper claimed that suppliers of LCD screens are "striving to find new sources of revenue", given the decrease in the use of this technology in recent years (partly because of their production, which requires an independent backlight component; unlike OLED, where pixels are individually lit).

So, the time for possible changes in the production of this year's iPhone models has really passed and Apple is now focused on the features of the future generations of the device.

via MacRumors