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Apple increases its search for healthcare professionals by 400%

This week we talked about a possible reduction in the pace of hiring at Apple in response to the lean period caused by the failure of recent iPhones. In the article, we noted a (supposed) statement by Tim Cook that key sectors in the company would not have their contracts reduced, right? For it seems that one of these sectors is the health.

According to data from Thinknum, Apple today has 75 job openings with the word ?health? in the title of the job, an increase of more than 400% compared to October 2017, when there were only 15 open positions. Of these 75, 32 are for ?software and services? and 20 for ?hardware?; the rest are divided into ?corporate functions?, ?operations and supply chain? and ?design?.

Growth in health vacancies opened by Apple; Thinknum

There is also a vacancy entitled ?next generation health sensor algorithm engineer?, which is good, in itself, it says nothing, but it can raise eyebrows regarding what Apple is working on in its labs.

The data is not exactly a surprise: the health area seems to be a focus of this ?new Apple? that has been showing its face for a few years now, along with the artificial intelligence sector (already confirmed by Cook as one of the areas that will not suffer) reductions) and the services portion of the company. Health is also the determining aspect of one of the products on which Ma has most recently deposited its chips, the Apple Watch.

Therefore, it is only natural that these vacancies increase even more in the coming months or years. I hope they translate into really cool creations back in Cupertino.

via 9to5Mac