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Apple I auction sold by Steve Jobs raises less than expected

We recently followed up auctions for some rare (still functional) units of Apple I, the first computer created by the pair Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Apple I on display at Computer History Museum, one of the MM Tour tours.

Last month, one of these machines was sold for an incredible $ 905 thousand (at today's price, something around R $ 2.4 million)! It was to be expected, then, that one of these Apple I (sold by Jobs himself in the garage of his parents' house in Los Altos, fully operational and entitled to the original check for the purchase) would collect something close to this even though officially the number released was somewhere between $ 400-600 thousand.

But no, the computer in question was sold for ?only? US $ 365 thousand (about R $ 968 thousand), as informed by Reuters. Still, we are talking about a lot of money!