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Apple continues to expand coverage of its Maps; six new countries receive traffic information

A few weeks ago, Apple announced the complete renewal of its service Maps to finally try to compete head to head with the Google Maps superpower. Of course, Ma's plans are not short-term, but that does not mean that, in the meantime, the company is not making a strong effort to continue expanding its service as much as it can.

As the MacRumors, Apple already has special vehicles with LiDAR sensors running in 45 American states, the most recent to have information captured by Apple are the states of Montana and the North Caroline. With this, almost the entire territory of the USA is already being properly registered by the company as well as several countries in Europe, such as Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and France.

Apple's efforts are not in vain: the idea that your own data will replace third-party information (from companies like TomTom) across the US over the next year, and we, of course, expect the venture to expand globally soon. then.

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Speaking of ?globally?, Ma's Maps are bringing traffic information in real time to six more countries: Brunei, Kunia, Mozambique, Philippines, Nigria and Vietn. Now, there are already 70 countries supported with the resource that shows the most congested areas in their city. The complete list can be seen on this link.

In addition, as reader Mrcio H. informed us on Twitter, Apple recently added public transportation information at Luxembourg. Several smaller cities in American states like Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and Oregon also received the tool in the past few days, and Apple Maps now also supports the VIA Rail Canada.

As in the case of traffic information, Apple lists all locations that rely on public transport on this link.

via MacRumors, 9to5Mac