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Apple closes cardiac study program with Watch for new participants

Last November, Ma launched the app Apple Heart Study to iPhone it's the Apple Watch and announced a new cardiac study program in partnership with the Stanford University School of Medicine in the United States. Now, according to a note on the university's website about the study, the program is no longer accepting new participants since last Wednesday (August 1).

Apple Heart Study app for iPhone and Apple Watch

The Apple Heart Study app uses data from the Apple Watch to identify irregular heart rhythms, including those that can indicate potentially serious heart conditions, such as atrial fibrillation. Apple is conducting this research study in collaboration with the Stanford School of Medicine to improve the technology used to detect and analyze irregular heart rhythms, such as atrial fibrillation, which is a major cause of stroke.

However, the note informs that, although the program does not accept new enrollments, those who are already duly enrolled will continue to receive support until the end of the study, which should be closed on January 31, 2019.

Note: registration for this study is closed to new participants from August 1, 2018. If you are currently enrolled, your participation will continue until the end of the study.

As noted above, the study began last November and was open to anyone resident in the U.S. who had an Apple Watch Series 1 or later, an iPhone 5s or later and was at least 22 years old. With the end of subscriptions, Ma removed the Apple Heart Study from the App Store, as well as the page on its website that advertised the program.

At the beginning of this month, we shared a story about a young man who discovered a serious heart condition through the Apple Watch, after receiving several alerts during the night about irregular heart rhythms. These cases prove how important studies and the improvement of technologies are in contributing to the prevention of serious diseases.

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