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★ Learn how to create successful apps with Cool Apps!

J imagined transform your life and live with the revenue generated by your apps?

Many people even take risks in this dream, but few achieve success. In fact, the vast majority of applications launched cannot generate enough money to offset the development costs of ghost apps that exist in stores, but no one downloads them.

The Brazilian company Cool Apps has already gone through this situation with its first app, but after a series of strategic adjustments, it developed a method of creating apps that reduces risks and increases the chances of success.

This method was used in several other apps, some of them, including, have already been news here in MacMagazine, such as Which operator? and the Shortcut for WhatsApp.

Today the company accumulates more than 8 million downloads and has been at the top of the App Store charts several times. See their story and the strategies used in the video below:

Now Legal Apps is turning its method into a course called From the app store idea. The proposal is to address everything you need to know besides the code to create successful applications. The content is divided into four stages: Idealization, Design, Distribution and Monetization. Tools and strategies used by the company in the development of applications that generate downloads and revenue will be presented.

The focus of the course is to address points that are often overlooked by developers and are essential to determining an optimal outcome, whether in the Google Play or on App Store. All this is because a good code is not enough to be successful in economy app.

You will learn that having a successful app is not a matter of luck. Conquering millions of users depends only on two things: dedication and strategy.

And we still have great news for readers of MacMagazine: if you invest in a course using the macmagazine code, earn 10% off worth it!

For more information, you can access this link. Don't miss this opportunity!