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Windows Migration Assistant gets several improvements to macOS Mojave

Don't look now, but it seems that with the macOS Mojave, Apple wants to pull more and more Windows users to its side.

Do you want proof? Just see this good change made by Ma in the Migration Assistant, a utility that allows the user to transfer their data from the PC they previously had (or from another Mac or Time Machine backup), first seen by users of the latest system beta on Twitter.

If you have used the tool to transfer data from a Windows machine at some point in your life, you know that it is quite limited, summarizing your responsibility to capture the files saved on the PC in question and pass them on to your new Mac. the thing is completely different: with the new anabolic Migration Assistant, it will be possible to transfer in addition to documents, emails, contacts, calendar data and much more from a series of third-party applications, such as Outlook.

The utility also has the ability to capture accounts from a PC running Windows, so you can start using your new Mac in the same way as your old computer.

Of course, for advanced users the new Migration Utility will still not be enough after all, there are still a wide range of important aspects of a machine that it cannot import and must be captured manually. For most casual users, however, the new tool should satisfy all the needs of those who are switching platforms.

It is good to note, of course, that it is still not healthy to use the ?for real? feature: although it is already working on the latest betas of macOS Mojave, the system is still undergoing tests of flaws and inconsistencies, so it can appear in droves. It wouldn't be cool to risk your data and information in this process, right? So let's wait until (probably) September to try it out.

via 9to5Mac