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Tip: How to turn off (or rather put to sleep) Apple TV

More than half a century of continuous use has conditioned us to behave automatically when watching television: when you get up from the couch, you turn off the TV and the equipment you were using, from the video game to the Blu-ray player. the natural, right?

A came to Apple TV, with its modern operation and a remote control that doesn't even have an on / off button. But what an Apple audience to make a product that can't be turned off, you think. Well, after all, tvOS does have an option of being "turned off" or, more precisely, put to rest but you only need to worry about it if you really care about it.

It is explained: Apple TV, in fact, cannot be turned off unless, of course, you disconnect it from the power, which obviously should only be done if you are going to spend a long time without turning it on. For the rest, all it offers is a sleep mode, which is activated automatically after an hour of inactivity.

If you want to put it to sleep immediately, however, this is also possible: on Apple TVs 4K or fourth generation, just press the TV button (next to the "Menu" button on Siri Remote) for 2-3 seconds and select the ?Rest? option. On previous Apple TVs, with the aluminum or white Apple Remote, the process is the same, but the button to be pressed for 2-3 seconds is to play / pause.

To bring the device back to life, simply press any button on your remote or click on the Siri Remote's touch-sensitive surface.

It is worth remembering that it is also possible to change the downtime required by Apple TV for the device to enter sleep mode. To do this, go to General Settings ?Entering Rest After? and select the desired option, which goes from 15 minutes to 10 hours or even ?never?.

Apple TV 4K

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