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Tim Cook says Apple is not in the streaming market for the money

undoubtedly, the role of streaming of music in the phonographic market. They grow at surprising speed and, to analyze this market and understand the role of the largest company in this field (the Spotify), a Fast Company released a long story about the growth of the Swedish service and another giant in this billion-dollar segment, the Apple Music.

In a conversation full of praise and the importance of music in everyone's life, Tim Cook told the vehicle that he can't finish a workout or exercise without music. Cook also said that he looks at music as inspiration / motivation and that it is a shared philosophy at Apple to "focus on curating human-based music". In this sense, the Apple CEO revealed that he is concerned with the market for streaming of music losing the human touch, in a clear critical form of selection and dissemination of music from Spotify.

We care about humanity being drained from music, about it becoming a kind of world of bits and bytes instead of art and construction.

Despite the relatively young age of Apple Music, launched three years ago, Ma's service already has more than 50 million subscribers (including those who are in the three-month trial period). In the past month, Apple Music has almost caught up with its Swedish rival in paid subscribers in the United States, which is expected to occur soon, given the dizzying growth of the service in the country. In a way, Apple has always had an advantage over Spotify, considering Ma's 1.3 billion devices activated worldwide. And so, according to Cook, Apple has never had to worry about profitability like Spotify, since the company "is not in it for the money".

After the presumptuous speech by Cook, the CEO of the Swedish giant, Daniel Ek, defended the position of his company by saying that Spotify's focus is only on music and that all efforts are focused on improving the service. Such a dedication, according to Ek, will help the company overcome Apple and expand the service even further in the future.

Music everything we do all day, all night, and that clarity is the difference between medium (service) and that very, very good one.

Ek also told the Fast Company that competing with Apple has always been a Spotify plan, even before Apple Music. For ten years, Ma dominated the digital phonographic industry with iTunes and replacing the iPod with an on-demand music service was his goal at the time.

The article extends to Spotify's comments and plans to grow even more, after going public for the first time last April. Check the full report, in English, on the Fast Company.

via MacRumors