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The Media Mod with its microphone for GoPro Hero 8 Black ideal for vloggers

THE GoPro, famous brand of steel cameras, launched 3 exclusive accessories for GoPro Hero 8 Black, called "mods": Light Mod, Display Mod it's the Media Mod. The Light Mod adds an auxiliary light to the camera and the Display Mod is a 2-inch foldable viewfinder.

But the Media Mod it seems to be the most complete of the three, adding extra features more interesting for vloggers who use the camera in their recordings. Media Mod adds a shotgun microphone, a way out HDMI is input from 3.5mm microphone.

Aesthetically the Media Mod involves the entire GoPro Hero 8, in the same way as the image stabilizer Karma grip. If you are already familiar with the accessory, it is exactly the same as how to attach it, including the need to remove the USB-C port cover and the difficulty of changing the memory card.

The Media Mod has a cutout at the bottom for the lower accessories, but the thickness of the mod makes it difficult to fix the mounting pin. The ideal in these cases is that the pin is left. Fortunately, most pins can be tightened with a screwdriver. Another fact about adaptations of accessories with the Media Mod, that if you have the Light Mod attached, you can only remove the camera after removing the Light Mod before. Its upper position prevents the latch door from fully opening.

Detail of the bottom insert screw of the Media Mod

Despite making your GoPro less lightweight, the setup still remains ideal for steel video recordings. Just a detail: Do not use the Media Mod for water sports, as the Media Mod is not waterproof.

The great asset of Media Mod improve audio quality for vloggers. Although GoPro's internal microphones do an "OK" job, if you wanted better quality audio, you would need to use an external microphone. With Media Mod, you really solve this problem. GoPro says it?s actually just two cardiid microphones, so you can choose between recording in front of the camera or behind it. This choice is made through a simple configuration.

Configuration of the microphone in the Media Mod

There is a possibility to use an external microphone via the 3.5 mm plug. However, we believe that in most situations, the built-in microphone that accompanies the Media Mod will do the job.

According to the opinion of those who have already tested the Media Mod microphone, difference in recording quality with and without the huge Media Mod. The audio picked up by the Media Mod microphone leaves clearer and stronger voices, ideal for vloggers to record outdoors, with much more professional audio quality.

We would love to show a full review of GoPro Hero8 and accessories like Media Mod to our readers, but unfortunately, even after several contacts with the advice of GoPro, the company didn't even answer our emails, what a shame. Completely different treatment from previous models. With them we developed various materials for our readers – check it out on our Youtube – but it seems that the focus now Youtuber, a pity.

Anyway for you who already have the GoPro Hero 8 Black and want to purchase the Media Mod, it is costing $ 79.99 and being sent to buyers from the day January 23rd.

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