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Store sells MacBook Air, iMac and Apple TV at great discounts!

Apple prices are not easy in Brazil. At least from time to time good promotions appear, like this one today Fast shop.

MacBook Air

For those looking for a MacBook Air, the entry-level 11-inch model is coming out R $ 3,759.96 Vista (at the Apple Online Store, the same computer is selling for R $ 4,859.10 Vista, a difference of almost R $ 1,100)!


The 21.5-inch intermediate iMac is already costing R $ 5,902.45 seen at the Fast Shop, against R $ 7,199.10 at Apple (a discount of almost R $ 1,300)!

Apple TV

The good old Apple TV, which costs R $ 359.10 seen at the Apple Online Store, is coming out for just R $ 299.00 at Fast!