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Several rumors arise that Apple would be making an electric car

Last week we talked about a car rented by Apple with a large camera system on the roof. With it, two rumors emerged: 1. the car would be taking pictures for a feature similar to Google Street View; or 2. a self-driving car.

Looking at Apple's current products and services, the first option makes a lot more sense. However, since that car appeared, new indications that Apple might be looking to enter the automotive market have emerged.


Email from an Apple employee

O Business Insider He said that shortly after writing a story on the subject, he received an email from an alleged employee of Ma about the development of a vehicle by the company. In a way contradicting the information that Apple would be losing several employees to Tesla, that person claimed that in fact several Tesla employees are migrating to the company run by Tim Cook (at least the most tops).

Apple's latest project is very exciting for anyone to pass up. I think this will change the (automotive) scenario and surprise Tesla.

According to data from LinkedIn, Apple today has about 50 employees who worked at Tesla, the electric car maker, but it has many more ex-Apples.

80% chance

Bryan Chaffin, from The Mac Observer, was intrigued by this supposed email and went to get information on his own and everything was confirmed.

In addition to "confirming" that Apple is actually hiring Tesla employees (engineers involved in building cars, not hiring "any" people like HR people, designers or any other function inherent in any company). Because of these "confirmations", Chaffin (who previously doubted the idea of ??an Apple car) came to believe in everything.

A person more involved in this segment told him that many top Silicon Valley executives also believe in this, and that the chances of this car actually existing and not just being a car-related product / service are 80%. Personally, Chaffin's belief comes close to 100%.


O Financial Times informed (closed matter for subscribers; via 9to5Mac) that Apple hired Johann Jungwirth, former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development. His current position as director of engineering for Mac systems, but the paper says Jungwirth would be working in the new research lab where many people with an iPhone design background are researching automotive products.

Still according to the FT, this Apple lab was set up last year right after the Apple Watch was introduced. They make it clear, however, that Apple is studying and investigating a slew of new products in new segments, but that not everything comes to light.

Jungwirth another one in a recent wave of hiring in the automotive area the team led by Jony Ive (Apple design chief) has met periodically with executives and creators of the sector and, in some cases, even tries to hire them.

Hundreds of employees working on an electric car

O Wall Street Journal also gave his pitaco (closed matter for subscribers; via 9to5Mac) reporting that, according to its sources, Apple today has hundreds of employees secretly working on an electric car project.


Codenamed ?Titan?, the first design of the vehicle would be that of a kind of minivan, and that Tim Cook would have approved the project about a year ago with Steve Zadesky (former Ford executive and current Apple vice president of design) ) leading the group. Zadesky, who has worked at Apple for 16 years and is not part of this group of new hires, it should be noted that he would have received the "Ok" to create a team of up to 1,000 people, pinning employees from different sectors of Apple, besides, of course, doing external contracts.

This new Apple lab would be located a few kilometers from the company's headquarters (in 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino) and has employees who work with robotics, metals and materials consistent with the manufacture of automobiles. In addition, the WSJ claims that Apple has been meeting with manufacturers that produce top-of-the-line cars.

Self-guided car

To complete the rumors, the Reuters boarded the wave (via MacRumors) and, based on a source, stated that Apple is developing a self-driving car. The company would be talking to experts in the automotive and supplies market. The idea would be not only to develop the software, but the entire car itself.

The vehicle states that, despite being talking to manufacturers, Ma is not very interested in foreign aid and much less in a combustion engine, indicating that the electric path is the same. In addition, Apple would have the necessary parts for this self-driving car to get off the ground (software experience, high definition mapping, experience in refillable products, etc.).

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Apparently everything got really hot! Despite being a little skeptical, I have no reason to doubt Apple's possible new automotive venture. We have to remember that a few years ago Apple was a company 100% focused on computers and MP3 players. One day she decided to enter the telephone market and everything changed; today, in addition to it, the company is also present in the tablet market and will soon enter the wearables not to mention the rumored investment in the TV market. It is no wonder that the name of the company changed from ?Apple Computer Inc.? to ?Apple Inc.?, a few years ago.

Cars are now a huge industry that can generate absurd profits especially in the top-of-the-line market, where Apple usually works.