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Rumor: MacBook Air will get a small update at the end of February

Rumors say that Apple will soon launch a new and revamped 12-inch MacBook Air. However, according to the Czech website (Google Translate), Apple does not end the current line, on the contrary.

MacBooks Air

Citing information obtained with a local Apple Premium Reseller, the current MacBooks Air will continue on and should gain a modest update at the end of this month (more precisely on February 24, a Tuesday). Obviously, as it is a routine update, the company practically does not comment on the matter (it should release a press release and only). As a reference, the last upgrade of the line was well timid, adding only 0.1 GHz to the clock Core i5 processors.

Later, however (still in the first half), Apple should release the much-anticipated new 12-inch MacBook Air.

(via AppleInsider)