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Record suggests new iPod touch with a focus on games coming up

Last week, we talked here about the possibility (still not very concrete, but existing) of Apple surprising everyone and launching a new version of the dying man iPod touch with USB-C connector. Many people thought the idea was weird and said it was time for iPods to die for good, but a record recently found by MacRumors can strengthen this theory of a new generation coming through and, more than that, we will be talking about a new generation focused on games.

The registration published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office brings a new category protection to the term ?iPod touch?: portable electronic game units and portable game consoles. That is, in addition to all the categories under which the term ?iPod touch? is already registered, now Apple also has the exclusive rights to the brand in the field of video games.

Obviously, many would argue that the iPod touch is now a game console above anything else, at least Apple likes (or liked) to do its marketing that way. Still, it would not be common for Ma to spend efforts to add a branded category to a product that, from all perspectives, would be on the verge of death; it makes a lot more sense that the move is the beginning of something the company is working on for the future.

The record matches very well with the rumors of a new iPod touch and indicate an interesting path where Apple can position the future device even more as a device dedicated to games. It remains to be seen, now, if these plans are real and how / when Ma will put them into practice. Suspicious?