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Offer: 15 ″ MacBook Pro Retina (2013 generation, top of the line) at a good discount

We have already commented here on the site a few times about the latest update of MacBooks Pro with Retina display. Speaking specifically of the 15-inch (top-of-the-line) model, little has changed just an increase of 0.2GHz in the machine's processor.

Discounted MacBook Pro at

Because is selling the MacBook Pro from the end of 2013 (that is, the penultimate generation) for R $ 8,639.28 cash (bank transfer or bank transfer). J the new model sold by Apple for R $ 13,139.10 view.

Taking into account that there is practically no difference between them, the savings of practically R $ 4,500 can be a good one for those who want to change machines.

(tip from Lucas Repols)