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Newton email client is shutting down

I don?t know about you, but I feel that, year after year, we?re losing good options for email clients on macOS just here in memory, I remember the Sparrow It's from Mailbox, two apps that have missed this one that writes you. Now, another service of this type joins this inglorious list.

The CEO and founder of CloudMagic, Rohit Nadhani, announced today in a post on the company's official blog that the customer Newton have their activities closed on the day September 25. The reasons? A fight in which they are unable to fight free customers from giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google.

In fact, every day it becomes more difficult to find arguments to pay for an email client, considering that options like Outlook or Gmail do almost everything that these paid services and extra features appeal only to advanced users. With a business model that involves a monthly subscription of $ 10 or annual subscription of $ 100, Newton is just the latest app to feel the blow of this reality.

As of today, Newton will no longer accept new registrations and customers will not have their monthly subscriptions renewed; those who have paid for an annual plan will get back the amount proportional to the period in which CloudMagic is not used is working with App Store and Google Play authorities to establish a scheme that will automatically return this amount to users and announce more details about the reimbursement plan until the 18th of the next month.

Newton Mail - Email App app icon

Newton app icon - Supercharged emailing

Nadhani added that CloudMagic will continue to operate on other projects and is expected to come up with new ideas soon. Anyway, a shame, right?

via 9to5Mac