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New emojis for 2019 may include interracial couples and service dogs

O Unicode Consortium (responsible for coordinating and developing the standard) revealed candidates for new emojis which may or may not be included in the increasingly formidable list of cards from next year. In total, there are 61 new types of emojis that can enter the cake, with 179 variations.

Among the main novelties, we finally have a figurine representing a deaf person, pointing to the ear itself, in addition to the addition of a series of new emojis from couples including several new combinations of skin tones and gender. We also have among the candidates a new co-guide with special garments, a flamingo, one ice Cube, one sloth, one Waffle see s:

There is still no guarantee that all the new stickers will enter the official group of emojis and will be adopted by the different operating systems the Consortium Unicode will vote definitively on the choices for 2019 in September and, only then, we will know how full our keyboards will become. (in what is this a bad thing diversity always good, in the same?).

Oh, to conclude, if we want to go further in time, some pre-candidates have already been presented to join the official group of emojis in 2020 and they include the figure of a ninja, a magic wand, a military helmet, a wrench -lit and more.

And you: which emoji figure do you think is still missing on your keyboard? Leave your opinion below. ?

via 9to5Mac