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New AirPods with “health monitor” may arrive this semester

The AirPods complete three years of life this year; despite all this time since its launch, Apple wireless headphones are one of the gadgets most popular of the company arousing the curiosity of many consumers about what to expect from their next generation.

To further exalt the moods, the Taiwanese newspaper DigTimes stated that the second generation of AirPods should be launched ?sometime this semester?. In addition, the new wireless headphones may have some design changes to "support health monitoring functions".

It is worth mentioning that the DigiTimes has a mixed record when it comes to rumors about Apple products. Nevertheless, the newspaper has sources within Ma's supply chain; moreover, we know well how much the company is focused on offering even more health features on its devices.

AirPods are so small that when iFixit disassembled them in 2016, we were not surprised by the tiny battery that equips wireless headphones. In that sense, it is difficult to imagine what possible health monitoring features Apple could add to the device.

But the 9to5Mac suggested that Ma equip its wireless headphones with an accelerometer to determine the movement of the body, remembering that this data is already very well checked by the Apple Watch and the iPhone coprocessor of movement. Another option would be an optical heart rate monitor, but then again, we are concerned about the size of the AirPods and the battery capacity of these devices making the option virtually impossible (or not).

As for the launch date, rumors of the DigiTimes I partially meet those provided by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, at the end of last year. For Kuo, Apple should launch only the new wireless charging case for the AirPods earlier this year (perhaps along with the long-awaited AirPower), while the next generation of wireless headsets would be launched only in 2020.

It remains for us to wait patiently for news.



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