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Microsoft postpones end of classic Skype support after users react

Last month, Microsoft announced some news for the Skype 8, the new version of the messenger released for macOS and Windows in 2017. In the same publication, the company recommended that users update the software to version 8 since from September 1 to version 7 and earlier they would no longer receive support that generated a flood of comments and the disapproval of many people.

After the feedback Negative, Microsoft decided to go back and continue to support classic Skype for ?some more time?. This way, users will be able to continue using the first version of the app. Since the announcement of the new version, many customers of the service have complained about the design change and, therefore, prefer to keep the older version of the software installed.

Based on feedback of our customers, we've been extending support for Skype 7 (?classic? Skype) for some time. Our customers can continue to use ?classic? Skype at l.

The decision was announced by a Skype representative in a post on the service forum that announced the discontinuation of such a classic version of the app. Among the hundreds of responses, several users have positioned themselves negatively in the face of the new version and were indignant at Microsoft's attitude of forcing them to upgrade to the new software which, according to some comments, still presents several problems.

Despite not specifying a new deadline for the end of classic Skype support, the service representative said that they are following customer comments and plans to introduce new features to the app. Classic Skype can still be downloaded directly from the official website, as well as the new version of the application for macOS and Windows.

via The Verge