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Learn how to customize your Contact cards in macOS

The application Contacts (Contacts) It is an underutilized part of macOS: it has been there basically and always brings your entire agenda to a click away, but most people don't even remember its existence.

To those who use the app (and to those who will use it after this tip), a tool deserves to be highlighted: did you know that it is possible customize the default fields that appear on each contact's card? In this way, you can select the most useful ones for your application usage profile and the most common ways you use to get in touch with the people on your agenda.

Customizing the standard Contacts app card for macOS

Let's see how simple:

  1. With the app open, go to Contacts Preferences Model;
  2. In the ?Add Field? option, choose the items you want to add to the standard view of the contacts;
  3. When all are added, use the ?+? and ?-? buttons to add secondary items to the same field (for example, a second cell number) or remove unwanted ones;
  4. Some items allow you to add custom names to them. To do this, just click on the arrows next to the name and click on "Personalize", typing the nomenclature you want.

Ready! Now everything appears as you see fit. And if you have any more tips on how to improve the use of the Contacts app, be sure to share it below. ?