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Learn how to avoid and deal with a chip cloning scam

A relatively common cut type applied to those who have a smartphone to clone the chip. Usually, the scam starts with the phishing technique. Hackers make use of fake login pages, apps full of keyloggers and spyware, fake ads, attachments for malicious messages, as well as leaked data on the web and so on.

The first sign that you have been the victim of a chip cloning scam will receive notifications that your SIM or phone number has been activated elsewhere. In addition, other signs of chip cloning are unauthorized security alerts, impossibility to send or receive SMS and make or receive calls. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to defend and prevent this type of coup.

Reacting against the chip cloning scam

Source: Pixabay

To defend yourself if you have been the victim of a chip cloning scam, follow the recommendations below:

  1. Notify banks, credit bureaus and institutions
  2. Contact the operator and let them know what happened and preferably cancel your SIM card
  3. Change the email and password of all sites where you have an account
  4. Make a report
  5. Do not use recovery codes by SMS

Preventing SIM Swap

Source: Pixabay

If you were not a victim of SIM Swap or have been but you want to prevent yourself, it is worth following the recommendations below:

  1. Enable two-factor authentication in your emails and social networks
  2. Assemble long and strong passwords, containing numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and special characters
  3. Use a different password for each account on each website or application you register with
  4. Do not use services like Google eFacebook as a way to sign in to other services
  5. Unlink your phone number from your website and related accounts whenever possible

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