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How to recover deleted messages in Messenger?

A very frustrating thing to happen when someone sends you a message, but before you can see it, delete it. Therefore, we have created this guide on how to recover deleted messages in Messenger, to avoid this in the future.

If you want to know how to do this via Facebook messenger, or if you have experienced the same problem and want to recover messages on WhatsApp, keep reading our article that we will take all your doubts!

1. Check your hidden chats

The first step to learn how to recover deleted messages in Messenger is to check the conversations hidden in the messenger. it is possible that you have hidden them, instead of deleting them; if that is the case, very simple to recover them.

It is necessary to view the messages in the browser version of Messenger, which can be accessed in two ways. The first through the Messenger website and the second through Facebook itself. Click on the Messenger balloon and, at the bottom of the window, click?See everything on Messenger?.

Now that you are on the Messenger page, click on the gear next to"Chats" and select ?Hidden chats?. A, you will find all chats initiated by people from the Marketplace and all chats you have hidden.


2. Check the message requests

It is an excellent way to know how to recover deleted messages in Messenger through requests, a place where many chats can hide. Here, you can find all messages sent by people who are not your friends and with whom you have never spoken.

It is possible that you are looking for a message that you believed to have deleted, but which, in fact, is. To find them, also through the Messenger page. There, click on the gear next to "Chats" and click?Message requests?.

3. Check the email

Another option for you to recover deleted messages in Messenger through the email associated with your account or that of your recipient. By default, this messenger sends copies of all messages received in your email.

Therefore, you can find all the messages you received in the email. If you use Gmail, for example, you will find them in the folder "Social". In any email service, it is possible to search all those received. If it's a message that was deleted, you can ask the recipient to check the email.

check email how to recover deleted messages in Messenger

4. Pea helps someone else

One more way to recover deleted messages in Messenger by asking the other person in the chat to send you their copies of the chat. When you delete a message or an entire chat, delete it just for you, then be available to the recipient (unless it has also been deleted).

5. Back up messages

This is a preventive tip and will not teach you how to recover deleted messages from Messenger, but how to never lose them again. Through this step, you can download all your data on the social network, in addition to being essential to transfer the photos from Facebook to Google Photos.

You can do this either through the smartphone app or using Facebook in browsers. We will start by explaining how to do it by applications.

Before starting, download via the link for Android or iOS. After logging in, click on the menu indicated bythree lines ? in the upper right corner for Android and the lower right corner for iOS. Drag to the ?Settings and privacy?, open it and click"Settings".

backup messages how to recover deleted messages in Messenger

Now, go to?Your information on Facebook? click on?Download your information?. Now, you can choose which content and data you want to download, including all publications, photos and videos, comments, messages, stories and more. You can also choose the quality of the media, whether you want low, medium or high and restrict the period that will be lowered.

In this example, we only want the messages, so click the"Deselect everything", scroll the screen and go to "Posts". Then, go to the bottom of the screen, select the quality "High" and click"Create file". When the process is complete, you will receive a notification that you can download your messages!

backup messages how to recover deleted messages in Messenger

Now you know how to recover deleted messages in Messenger in the future!

And, what did you think of our tips on how to recover deleted messages in Messenger?

Were you able to recover your old messages? Can we help you? Leave your opinion on the article in the comments and also see our guide teaching you how to know if you have been blocked in Messenger!