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How to find the login page on a public WiFi network

It is common to be in a busy environment and see that there is a wide availability of WiFi networks open for connection. This is very practical for those who prefer to study or work in a more interactive space as a way to get out of routine, in addition to those who are currently without mobile data or simply want to avoid spending it.

However, this access is often hampered by the credentials required by the server. To log in, the user is required to enter their email, read and agree to certain terms of services and even watch an advertisement to be able to really enjoy the free WiFi.

In addition, many devices are unable to open the page to perform these steps and show the connected WiFi, but still without internet. For this, there are some basic tips to optimize this whole process when the login page does not appear immediately.

(Source: Pixabay / Reproduction)(Source: Pixabay)

Restart your device or WiFi settings

The simplest possible solution is this: restart your device. If you think this will take a long time, you can just turn your WiFi off and on again. When you do either, or even both, just access any website in your browser to start the network login process.

Go straight to the login page

You can indicate to your device the way forward through some addresses capable of redirecting to the login page. To do this, you must be connected to WiFi and type directly into the browser. This is the main option, but there are others that are worth a try if the first one doesn't work:

All of these addresses act as a way to force the login page.

Still not working

If the methods don't work, the problem may be with your device's settings. Therefore, perform the following steps:

  1. clear your browser's cache, which can usually be done from the browser history;

  2. disable any alternate DNS servers you are using and ensure that only the default server is active. This step can be adjusted in the advanced WiFi settings.

That done, connect again to WiFi and wait for the login page to load.

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