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Foxconn is really interested in making iPhones in India

At the end of last month, we commented that Apple should manufacture top-of-the-line iPhones in ndia to try to recover its expressiveness in the l. For this, the company should take advantage of a possible great expansion of the Foxconn in the country that may already be in progress, as the Wall Street Journal.

According to the latest news, Apple's main supplier is considering building even more factories in India as a way to ?diversify its supply chain away from China?, where most of the company's facilities are located. To confirm (or not) the expansion in the country, the supplier's executives are planning to visit him after the Lunar New Year (February 5) to discuss these plans with the government and other local companies.

As we mentioned, Foxconn should take over the manufacture of the models flagship from Ma instead of Wistron, another supplier partner of the Cupertino giant responsible for the production of iPhones 6s, 6s Plus and SE in India. The problems, however, are related to the quality of the workforce and the Indian infrastructure, as pointed out by WSJ:

On the negative side, people (familiar with the matter) said, Indian workers are not as skilled in precision manufacturing as their Chinese counterparts and India's infrastructure is behind that in China. In addition, they said India would have to do more to develop its smartphone supply chain to compete with China, where Beijing and local governments have worked to raise the value of their factories in the production chain.

In addition to targeting the increase in sales of iPhones in India with the manufacture of iPhones in the country (by avoiding a tariff that adds 20% to the final cost of devices imported from China), Apple tries to escape the commercial tensions between the U.S. and China. who are in a lull period that should last at least until March.

via Cult of Mac