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EspĂ­rito Santo hosts CocoaHeads event for the first time

We have already talked about some of the last events organized by CocoaHeads here on the site, but the good thing now that for the first time the guys will perform a meetup at the Holy Spirit.

The event will take place on February 2 (Saturday), at PicPay VIX in Vitria, and has in its schedule presentations by: Aline Borges (Uber), about animations to the next level; Francesco Perrotti (Nubank), about tests in practice; Guilherme Machado (iFood), on route-based architecture; Bruno Ramos (Dextra), on fastlane in Swift; and Lucas Cypriano (PicPay), about ?ViewCode using Playground ?.

The excellent opportunity for developers looking for advanced content in programming for Apple devices, both on the iOS platform and on macOS.

The event lasts all day, from 9 am to 6 pm, and will be held at Av. Jernimo Monteiro, 1000 – Ed Trade Center, 1 floor. Interested parties can apply for the latest vacancies here.

Other cities

Three days before CocoaHeads ES took place on the 22nd edition of RJ, at Stone Payments headquarters. The event starts at 6:30 pm on January 30, a Wednesday.

On the night of the following day, 1/31 (Thursday), there will be three simultaneous events: 43 CocoaHeads SP, at Nubank; the 10 CocoaHeads CWB, in the HotMilk Auditorium; and CocoaHeads POA, at Ilegra's headquarters.