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Concept imagines mid-table Mac with liquid cooling

Among the more than US $ 2,000 that separate the Mac mini from the Mac Pro or R $ 16,500, here in Brazil, Apple does not offer anything in its catalog for those who want a desktop computer, intermediate, in which the user can connect their own peripherals and work smoothly. Thinking about it, the designer Pierre Cerveau developed a concept that precisely covers this gap this Mac Evo:

Mac Evo, Mac concept of intermediate table by Pierre Cerveau

With a width and depth similar to that of the Mac mini (but about three times the height), the Mac Evo would be the ?missing link? between Apple desktop computers and would have its entire internal architecture based on a very important component: the your radiator. Yes, because in Cerveau's imagination, the machine would be cooled by liquids, with a huge circular radiator taking up the entire lower portion of the chassis and giving the Mac unmatched (supposed) thermal efficiency.

"Mac "Mac

O mockup it also brings other features that are at least, say, dreamy (but what other function would the concepts serve, really?): the computer would have a lid and two slots rear, from which it would be possible to upgrade the RAM, SSD and even the machine's CPU and GPU.

"Mac "Mac

Ah, Cerveau also imagined different finishes for the Mac Evo, like one in honor of the original Macintosh, from 1984, I particularly found it charming.

Mac Evo, Mac concept of intermediate table by Pierre Cerveau

The designer himself admits that the only limit applied to the concept was his imagination; that is, he has no idea if his creation would work in practice or would have the technical conditions to go to a production line. Still, an interesting exercise in creativity and a glimpse of something that Apple could work on in the not-too-distant future, isn't it?

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Price view: from R $ 6,299.10Installed price: in at 12x R $ 583.25Release: October 2018

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