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Banco do Brasil customers are successfully completing Apple Pay registration [atualizado 2x: não mais!]

Banco Ita's 90 days of exclusivity have passed and, to date, no other bank or credit card has officially entered the Apple Pay. Everything suggests that the Bank of Brazil it will be the second bank to enter into a partnership with Apple and start to support Ma's payment system. The expectation was that this would happen at the end of July, something that probably did not materialize due to bureaucratic issues or the need for further testing.

Today, however, Branco do Brasil customers are managing to register their Ourocard Visa credit cards on the Wallet. The verification of the card (something that was not possible before) is being done both by the Banco do Brasil app and by SMS.

Interestingly, there are people managing to register Ourocard Visa cards in the debit function and additional credit cards, something that is not possible with Ita cards. Another curious fact that users are also managing to register cards on the Apple Watch, showing that everything is already well advanced.

There are also, of course, users who are receiving an error message when trying to complete the registration. This whole scenario implies that BB is still in the implementation / testing phase, we will see.

Fact: test it or not, if you are a BB customer and have a Visa credit card, see if you can register your card in Wallet by following our tutorial. ?

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Update 08/09/2018 s 08:20

As we suspected, the launch has not yet happened. Shortly after the publication of our post, the system went offline and now no one else can activate Apple Pay at Banco do Brasil.

In the meantime, fortunately, a lot of people managed to register their Visa cards (both credit and debit) and we believe they can continue using them from now on.

Although it was not yet for real, it seems now only a matter of days until the official key turn.

Update II 08/09/2018 s 11:08

For that, no one expected: Banco do Brasil is now removing the user cards registered yesterday. Clearly, the release was a mistake.