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Apple Store in New York receives award for its internal architecture

It is almost a custom that Apple's facilities (whether its stores around the world or its campus) become targets for awards, often due to the architecture, design or engineering of these locations. This time, the biggest honoree was the Apple Upper East Side in New York, which received the AIA (American Institute of Architects) for its internal architecture.

Located on the corner of 74th and Madison Avenue, the Apple Upper East Side opened its doors in 2015, making Ma's shopping center a true boutique. The building, originally designed in 1922 by Henry Otis Chapman, served as the home for the Mortgage & Trust Company bank before the Cupertino giant retrieved it.

AIA described the space as ?beautifully proportioned, highlighted by tall windows, elegant details and an airy grandeur?. Over the years, several architectural elements of the building have deteriorated and were removed by the company Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, who collaborated with Apple to restore the site.

In addition to the restoration, BCJ was in charge of preserving not only the exterior of the building, but also its interior, including a portion of the building seen by the AIA with a ?labyrinth of domes and supporting walls?. The architects and designers preserved as much of the original elements as possible during the renovation and those that were out of the possibility of recovery were replaced by custom-made pieces inspired by photos and ?historical precedents? of the building.

This is not the first time that the AIA has recognized the zeal and luxury of the Apple Upper East Side architecture. In 2016, the company received two awards from the institution for "adaptive reuse" and "merit for architecture"; in addition, Ma was honored for its "historical preservation excellence" by the New York State Preservation League.

via 9to5Mac