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Apple remains stable in lobbying spending, and remains behind competitors

Ah, lobbying. For issues that go far back in the history and constitutions of each country, each place has a different view on the practice in Brazil, for example, it is viewed with a bad eye and is always reported as a practice that exists under the hood. J in other places, like the United States, the lobbying It is legal, practiced in broad daylight, and companies report their spending on the practice periodically.

After spending a record amount on lobbying government policy throughout 2017 (first year of Donald Trump at the White House, good to note), Apple remained stable in 2018, with slightly lower spending in practice. Records of companies linked to government spending, released today, show that Ma spent $ 6.6 million throughout 2018 with the lobbying in the US Congress a small drop from the $ 7.1 million in 2017.

Even with the small decrease, Apple has spent much more on the practice under the current government than on previous administrations before Trump took over the Oval Office, the year that Ma had spent the most on lobbying it had been 2016, under the Obama administration: $ 4.6 million. This can have several explanations, from the differences (practical and ideological) between the company and management, to Apple's own growth in the last two years.

Even so, Apple spends much less on lobbying than its main competitors: in the same period, the Facebook spent US $ 12.6 million on the practice, while Amazon invested US $ 14.2 million and the Google spent $ 21 million on the technology company that most opened its portfolio for practice in 2018.

There is no way to say with certainty which issues, proposals and interests were the ones that most led Apple to invest in American congressmen. The company is known to have had several clashes with the Trump government over issues related to Chinese imports, US immigration policies and the social inclusion of LGBTQ people, but the Cupertino giant has also been very vocal in expanding medical regulations. , legislation on media products and self-driving car systems.

The practical effects of this expense, we will see over the next few years. Or not.

via Cult of Mac