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Apple Pay Cash, available only in the US, is the focus of a new series of commercials

Apple Pay as a whole maintains a constant pace of expansion around the world and is now in 32 territories the last country to win it was Germany, in mid-December.

But the Apple Pay Cash, a feature that is even helping the platform to advance, is still restricted to the United States. We know that Apple should soon start expanding it to Europe, but in the meantime, we all suck at it.

Today, the company ran three short commercials focused on the feature on YouTube. Everyone brings the slogan ?They send, you spend? (?They send, you spend?), playing with the idea that someone is on the street and receives money through Apple Pay Cash (integrated with iOS Messages) to buy something.

Send and request money with Apple Pay in Messaging, and use it to buy in stores, online and in apps.

Check out the videos, 15 seconds each:

Here in Brazil, the Apple Pay Cash icon has already appeared for some users in Messages but it was clearly just a bug, often caused after the person connected to a VPN in the USA, for example.