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Apple joins group focused on solutions for smart home devices

THE Apple It is not a totally apathetic company when it comes to joining technology or even research groups, as we have already commented. This time, Ma integrated the The Thread Group, an organization that aims to securely and reliably connect multiple gadgets on a home network.

Although Apple has not officially announced its participation in the group (and may not even see it), the Cupertino giant is already listed among Thread's member companies, which also includes Samsung, a Qualcomm, a LG and the Amazon, among others.

According to Lee Ratliff, an analyst at IHS, Apple's decision to join the group could be an indication that the company is giving a new focus or improving its API for home devices, the HomeKit.

This could also indicate that Apple is renewing or increasing its effort on HomeKit, which many believe has been neglected since its announcement in 2014.

Among the Thread products that are already available on the market, gadgets from Nest for security and wireless routing systems, however other devices are in development and are expected to be launched soon. As I said, Apple's intentions with Thread are still unknown; the company may only want to understand product options for home networks or even use the technologies in a future version of HomeKit.

At the beginning of last year, Ma joined the Wireless Power Consortium (something like Wireless Charging Consortium), in the same year that it launched the iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X the first to feature induction charging technology.

via 9to5Mac