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Apple is accused of hiding defects in the graphics cards of MacBooks Pro launched in 2011

Earlier this week we reported that Apple got rid of a lawsuit in which it was accused of selling MacBooks with defective logic boards. This, however, was not the only lawsuit against Apple involving MacBook problems.

Troubled graphic on a 2011 MacBook Pro

Image taken from this topic in the Apple discussion forum.

Another one opened at the end of last year, includes residents of California and Florida, who purchased 2,011 MacBooks Pro (model released in 2011) with graphics cards from AMD and claim that Apple has failed to reimburse repairs on machines that can cost $ 350 -600. At the time, we reported that the office responsible for the case was considering opening similar cases in other American states. That happened.

Law firm Whitfield, Bryson & Mason revealed that the lawsuit now includes the following states / locations: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Puerto Rico and Vermont. The action was also updated, accusing Apple of taking steps to hide consumer problems by releasing a software update in 2011 so that the graphics performance of these cards would be drastically reduced in order to prevent them from reaching higher temperatures and consequently , self-destruct.

In addition, some people who are part of the collective action have volunteered to lend their defective MacBooks Pro for an expert to analyze the computers and run tests on the machine's hardware. With this, the complainants will try to show the technical problems of the machine and possible solutions that Apple should have adopted to solve all this.

The case will be decided by Judge Edward J. Davila in early April, in a California court.

(via AppleInsider)