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Apple explains two-factor authentication and how to free up space on iPhones / iPads

Since Apple launched its support channel on YouTube, the company has been publishing videos with tutorials and tips also in Portuguese, on its Brazilian channel, on how to use its products. In part, the videos are even funny because they use Siri's voice to explain or indicate a step-by-step, but the fact that they can help many users better understand their users' resources gadgets.

In the three most recent videos, Apple teaches how to change the access code of the iPhone or iPad, how to free up storage space and explains what the two-factor authentication security feature announced by Ma in 2015.

How to change the access code on iPhone or iPad

Learn how to set up, use and change a code on your iOS device.

What is two-factor authentication?

Here's how to add another layer of security to your device with two-factor authentication.

How to free up space on iPhone or iPad

How to check iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch storage.

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If you have not followed the videos already published by Ma, check them out here: 1, 2, 3. It is always worth remembering that on our YouTube channel we also publish several tips / tutorials for Apple systems and products, we have already covered some of the subjects above, see s:

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