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10 best pranks for WhatsApp: Riddles

If you know WhatsApp, you have certainly received pranks and riddles from your friends, or at least you have seen one published in their Status. So that you are not left out, we have selected the best games for WhatsApp!

Keep reading our article to know some images and questions that you can send to amuse your friends. In addition to the riddles, don't forget to also check out how to make your WhatsApp transparent.

1. Mathematical riddles

Some of the best pranks for WhatsApp are mathematical riddles, which were your contacts using their heads to be able to answer correctly. This is a very fun way to keep in touch with friends.

Charade of tools

We begin our list with the charade of tools, which asks you to find out how much each tool is worth and that you perform the final summation.


One of the most fun games for WhatsApp, which can be relatively annoying to answer:

  • If three screwdrivers result in 15, one 5. If 5 plus two gears 25, one gear 10. If 10 minus two washers 8, one 1; therefore, 1 + (5 x 10), which gives 51.

Older mathematical puzzle

This is an excellent one that you can chat with friends, asking them to give the right answer.

  • Except for minor differences in formulation, the charade below is identical to that found on Rhind's papyrus, a scroll of Egyptian parchment containing mathematical tables and problems, copied by the scribe Ahmes around 1,650 BC;
  • ?When I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Each wife has seven bags and in each bag there are seven cats. Each cat had seven puppies. If we count the puppies, the cats, the bags and the wives, how many were going to St. Ives? ?

The right answer is written below. Say if you got it right!

  • So 7 wives x 7 bags x 7 cats x 7 puppies = 2401 If we want to add everyone who was going to St. Ives we will still have the man and whoever found him, which results in 2403.

Money riddle

Another of the best pranks for WhatsApp is this one, which you can also put on your status. She talks about a scenario where someone stole money, spent it and kept the change.

best money prank for whatsapp

The answer of this charade as follows:

  • The store owner lost the first R $ 100.00 plus R $ 70.00 worth of goods. The R $ 30.00 change does not enter the question, since the man who stole used this money to pay. Therefore, the store owner lost R $ 170.00 in total.

Faa 12

This is one of the best pranks for WhatsApp, which is a simple math puzzle, but it will certainly fool many.

  • Make a sum that gives 12, using three equal numbers, but not 4.

It may seem impossible, but the answer is quite simple:

  • 11 + 1 = 12. Uses three equal numbers, even though there are two factors in the sum.

Balana Riddle

The last of the math riddles, too, is one of the best pranks for WhatsApp. She had been using logical reasoning in addition to mathematics to get the answer.

  • You have a scale and a bookcase with 10 shelves. There are ten books on each shelf, each book weighing 1 kg. However, on one of the shelves the books weigh 1.1 kg. How would you go about finding out, in a single weigh, which shelf has the heaviest books?

The obvious answer, after seeing it, but so far it may seem quite complicated to solve:

  • Put on the scale: 1 book from 1 shelf, 2 books from the 2 shelf, 3 books from the 3 shelf, 4 books from the 4 shelf, and so on. If the result is 55.1 kg, the heaviest books are on the 1 shelf. If it is 55.7 kg, the heaviest ones are on the shelf, and so on.

2. Logic riddles

If your business is not mathematical, don't worry, because here we have several logical riddles to share. They are some of the best pranks for WhatsApp and require just enough thinking and mental work, nothing more.

Crossing charade

The crossing charade is a very classic puzzle, which is why it is included in our list of the best games for WhatsApp.

  • ?A man weighs 80 kilos and his daughters each weigh 40 kilos. Everyone needs to cross an island on a boat. However, it only supports 80 pounds at a time. How can they get through?

The answer is pretty obvious once you know which one.

  • First, the two daughters cross. One stays and the other goes back and forth from the boat, leaving the father to go up and cross. Now, he goes down, the daughter who had gone back and looks for another one, both returning to the island.

Charade of cats

This is a very fun charade to share with your friends, and you can also post it as WhatsApp Status.

cats best pranks for whatsapp

The right answer to the letterB), as each cat takes one minute to kill a mouse.

Charade of trees

We also find the charade of trees, which places a scenario where someone walks down a street and counts the trees. In the end, the puzzle asks you to decide the total number of trees that the person counted.

  • A man was walking down a street and counted 10 trees on his right side. Upon returning from the same spot he sees 10 trees on his left side. How many trees has he seen in total? ?

The answer is quite obvious, as long as you pay attention: as the man saw 10 trees on the right and, on the way back, 10 trees on the left, he saw a total of 10 trees. After all, they were the same trees he had seen on the way.

Riddle of parents and children

Another one of the best pranks for WhatsApp is this one that is a logic game. He asks anyone reading to decipher how many eggs were eaten, based on information given on the screen.

parents and children best games for whatsapp

The very simple answer, however confusing it may seem: letterB), three eggs, since one of the two parents is also a grandmother, resulting in a total of three.

Family charade

One of the best games for WhatsApp is this family charade. It makes you think about how the family tree works.

  • "If my grandfather has four children and each child also has four children, how many cousins ??do I have?"

The answer is as follows:

  • I have a total of 12 cousins, since one of my father's grandfather's children, and three of his four children are my brothers. Therefore, there are others left, totaling 12.

What about the best pranks for WhatsApp?

Leave in the comments your opinion about the riddles that I include, also saying if you already knew them. Don't forget to comment on your favorite and check out our list of the best videos for WhatsApp Status and how to put YouTube videos on Status.