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“Volta Completa”: Apple publishes new experiment using 32 iPhones XR

Last year, Apple did some shooting experiments using the iPhone XS. Now, she kind of repeated the dose not with one, but with 32 (!) IPhones XR.

First, the work entitled "Full Circle" (something like ?Volta Completa?):

If you, like me, did not understand very well what each thing shown in the video, another behind the scenes help a lot to understand each of the experiments. Basically, elements such as slime, steel straw, dry ice, water-filled balloons, etc.

Obviously, the coolest part that the team hired by Apple put together a structure with 32 iPhones XR positioned in a circle, to create the visual effect called "Bullet time" which was popularized by the first film ?Matrix?, in 1999.

Watch to the end to see an iPhone XR being washed with water in the sink. ?

Those responsible for the project were the guys from Incite Design Studio, in Los Angeles.

iPhone XR standing

iPhone XR

in Apple

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