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Traveling with your iGadget: Amsterdam

Welkon The Amsterd, the passionate capital of the Netherlands with its beautiful architecture, nature and quality of life!

To reach the city there are several options for flights, trains and roads. There are attractions for all tastes and audiences, from the beautiful windmills, canals, museums, bicycles, to the famous Red district certainly something to captivate you.

As the most populous city in the Netherlands, about 200 km from Brussels and approximately 500 km from Paris, the city is very well connected with the rest of the Old World through its rail system and with the world through its airport, Schiphol.

Centraal Station

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Currency and cost of living

As part of the European Union, the euro is the official currency of the Netherlands. Since July 1, 2017, over 22 years old working full time receive a minimum salary of 1,565.40 per month. Restaurants, hotels, attractions and transport follow reasonable values, compared to the rest of the EU countries.

For converting, I recommend the following apps:

XE Currency Converter app icon

Currency app icon

It is always worth researching well before buying the most sold foreign currencies in the country; consult exchange offices and your bank before closing the deal. ?


Tram in Amsterdam

Travelers to Amsterdam have some good transportation pass options. The tram / Tram / VLT is the main means of transport in the historic part of the city, connecting the main attractions in a short time. There are also routes that can be done by metro, train, bus and of course, bicycles! For public transport, always remember to register the entry and exit of the train / metro / bus.

Bicycles in Amsterdam

There are some transport passes available. Check out the options, prices and features of each:


This pass offers unlimited tram, bus and metro transport within the city of Amsterdam.

Here are the options and their respective prices:

  • 24h: 7.50
  • 48h: 12.50
  • 72h: 17
  • 96h: 22
  • 120h: 27
  • 144h: 31
  • 168h: 34

the most cost-effective pass among the options for tourists, but does not offer transportation to Schiphol Airport. It is sold on automatic machines scattered around train / bus points or stations.

There is also the option of the transport pass for an hour, at a cost of 2.90. This option, however, is sold by drivers and collectors within the transport itself.


Aimed at residents and not tourists, it offers transportation in all public areas throughout the country. The card costs 7.50 and travel is charged at a distance, which can be estimated on portals or applications such as

9292 app icon


in 9292

Compatible with iPhones

Version 1.9 (14.3 MB) Requires iOS 9.0 or superior


It offers unlimited transportation by tram, bus and metro within the city of Amsterdam, in addition to transportation to / from Schiphol International Airport (both by train and bus), with three different options: 1 day (16), 2 days (21) and 3 days (26).

the only pass that includes the section for the airport, sold at the tourist service counters throughout the city. To be worthwhile, public transport should be used a lot. There is also the option of attraction passes that include the shuttle service, which I will talk about later in the article.

For travel and maps, I recommend the following apps:

Citymapper app icon - São Paulo

Maps app icon


in Apple

Version 1.3.5 (1.8 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

Uber app icon

In case you need another transportation solution, Uber is also available in the city.

With each new street, beautiful buildings and incredible, gastronomic and cultural discoveries!

Street in Amsterd

Telephony, internet and Wi-Fi

As in practically all cities, when you arrive at the airport you will find counters selling chips from the main operators. I chose Orange, at a cost of 40 to 10GB of internet, unlimited messages and calls across Europe.

There is also the option of the new plans of national operators, which offer 7 days roaming international or promotional packages charged for 12 months, which take advantage of your minutes / data from your existing plan.

Dozens of shops / restaurants offer free Wi-Fi networks; in some regions of the city and attractions it is also possible to find public networks, free of charge, and with a good connection speed.

Feed him

It is possible to find restaurants with practically all types of food in the world in Amsterdam. For a free snack, you can spend about 10; a dinner for two hardly leaves for less than 40 (if it is in a very expensive place).

Foursquare City Guide app icon

The traditional fries in the cone are a great option for those who want a quick snack. There are still classic Dutch options, such as the fish & chips of them, called kibbeling (fresh, breaded and fried cod). The apple pie is also a traditional dessert of the region. But certainly the most famous candy in Holland stroopwafel, a waffle stuffed with caramel that combined with coffee is a waste!

StroopwafelImage: Allrecipes Brazil

If you want to try it in the best way, grab a hot drink, put it in a mug / cup and cover it with a stroopwafel. Wait patiently for two or three minutes for the caramel to melt and bon apetit!

I amsterdam city card

In a simple and practical way, the I amsterdam city card it was created especially for tourists visiting the city, allowing to maximize the experience and minimize the costs!

I amsterdam city card

Just select a 24, 48, 72 or 96 hour card and visit as many places as you like within that established time limit. Purchases can be made online, at a discount, or directly at points of sale throughout Amsterdam. In addition to the access to attractions, the pass also entitles public transport in the city, including metro, tram and bus.

I amsterdam city card prices

Here are some of the attractions included in the pass: Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Rembrandt House Museum, ARTIS Royal Zoo, Amsterdam Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Foam Photography Museum, EYE Filmmuseum, Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age, Our Lord in the Attic, De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, Het Scheepvaartmuseum (The National Maritime Museum), Amsterdam Diamond Museum, Jewish Cultural Quarter, NEMO Science Museum, Tropenmuseum, ARTIS-Micropia, Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot, Museum Het Schip, Museum of Bags and Purses, Allard Pierson Museum, Bijzondere Collecties UvA, Dutch Resistance Museum, Amsterdam Pipe Museum, Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Museum Van Loon, Museum Willet-Holthuysen, Hortus Botanicus Botanical Gardens, Bijbelsmuseum, Huis Marseille Photography Museum, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam ArenA – Ajax Stadium Tours, Amsterdam Tulip Museum and Houseboat Museum.

Additional debts on the card can be remedied here. Ah, there is also an application with suggested routes, by region of the city, which is still a competition with prizes:

Amsterdam Maps & Routes app icon

Main attractions

If you arrive from the central train station, the Amsterdam Centraal, take the opportunity to be dazzled by the beautiful architecture of the place. When looking to the other side of the channel, see the beautiful EYE Filmmuseum it's the A?DAM Lookout, where we have a swing at the top of the building to take your breath away.

EYE VR app icon


in VR Owl

Compatible with iPhones

Version 1.0.4 (69.7 MB) Requires iOS 8.0 or superior

Visit the National museum (Rijksmuseum) and tour a gigantic collection of art pieces, including sculptures, paintings, historical artifacts and more.


Rijksmuseum app icon

Another mandatory stop to Anne Frank House, the place where the girl of Jewish origin lived with her family in hiding during the Nazi regime in World War II.

Anne Frank Museum

Anne Frank Visitor Museum app icon

Even if you don't like beer, be sure to visit the Heineken Experience, which tells the story of the brand and offers, at the end of tour, tasting the drink.

Heineken Experience app icon

Do you want to meet other illustrious Dutch people? Visit the Van Gogh Museum and enjoy many of his beautiful works of art. Get to know Rembrandt House, another must-see attraction for fans of the plastic arts.

Sorry, app not found.

At dusk, visit the Red Light District (Red Light District), where well, you know!

RedLight Amsterdam app icon

If you like parks, be sure to visit the Vondelpark, the largest park in the city, or the most beautiful Keukenhof, located in Lisse, with its world famous tulip garden in an area of ??32 hectares!


When thinking about Holland, the memory of a tolerant policy for drug use, such as marijuana, comes to mind. The government is able to differentiate between soft and hard drugs and controls use more flexibly than other countries. This policy offers a fight against trafficking and organized crime, but requires that certain rules and conditions are observed.

The only place where you can buy marijuana in coffee shops around the city that, in addition to cigarettes, offer chocolates, sweets and many other products based on marijuana. To purchase any of these products, you must be over 18 years of age.

Coffee shop

Street traffic is extremely prohibited and consumption limited to coffee shops and residences. The watchword common sense. To plantation onlookers: I didn't try any marijuana-based products on the trip.

More useful app tips:

Amsterdam - The Map app icon

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Schiphol Amsterdam Airport app icon

VaarWater app icon

Spotted by Locals city guides app icon

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TripAdvisor app icon: hotels, flights

Amsterdam Travel Guide & Map app icon

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I hope you liked the tips. Have a good trip and see you next time! ?