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“Today at Apple” has a renewed format with levels and 58 new courses

Learning sessions Today at Apple, introduced in 2017, have been a master stroke of Ma to bring even more people and bring even more recognition to their stores. The small classes and quick courses held in the company's own retail spaces attract thousands of consumers around the world every day, and to accompany this extreme popularity, the Cupertino giant today announced several good news for the format.

From now on, the program sessions will be divided into three categories:

  • Skills are half-hour mini-courses dedicated to teaching a specific technique or practice, such as editing a video in the Clips app or editing photos on the iPhone.
  • Walks they are real walks around the store where professionals encourage participants to use the company's products and services to explore the surroundings, connect with the community and in practice interests such as photography, music or health and well-being.
  • Labs, in turn, are workshops more complete, of up to 90 minutes, where the participants experiment with creative techniques to start projects with the products and services of several sessions, including those created with renowned artists and companies from around the world.

In addition to the new format that will certainly make the experience more organized and let consumers know exactly what to expect before choosing their experiences, Apple has also introduced 58 new sessions to the Today at Apple. Some of the new Skills include a start at Swift Playgrounds or the Health app; some of Walks include teaching landscape photography or discovering colors; some of Labs include the design of tree houses (in partnership with the architecture firm Foster + Partners) and the development of an app concept.

New sessions at Today at Apple

Ma adds that, to further enrich the experiences Today at Apple, is updating all its stores so that they are able to receive sessions in the greatest possible capacity with all the technical instruments available.

Whoever wants to know more about the sessions Today at Apple at the nearest store you can access this page and schedule your participation. Enjoy!