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Rumors: nothing new music streaming service or new Apple TV, at least for now

We have already spoken here a few times about the supposed new streaming of Apple music that would arrive to replace Beats Music. Such a service could even come already installed on iOS 8.4, which would be released to developers shortly after next week's event.

Beats Music

Based on this information, it would be very plausible to see Apple talking about the new service at the March 9 event. But the 9to5Mac now states that plans for the service of streaming were postponed to the middle of the year due to problems related to difficulty integrating Beats technologies, loss of key people (like Bobby Gaza, senior vice president at Beats who left Apple a few weeks ago), among other things. Because of this, most likely the new service was for WWDC 2015 even though in beta.

Changing the subject a little, an Apple product that deserves attention but that has been forgotten about Apple TV. The company's idea was to launch a new version of set-top box (thinner, with an improved remote control and a redone operating system with the right to an app store) for now, but it is possible that the dealings with content owners have once again postponed Ma's plans.

Apple TV

By the way, it painted a rumor this week that HBO would be talking to Apple to launch a $ 15 monthly subscription service called "HBO Now". In it, even without being a subscriber of a cable operator, users could have access to all the content of HBO in a simple and easy way on Apple TV, very similar to Netflix, but with content produced and broadcast by the Home Box Office, of course.

I hope that this kind of service will work once and for all. Instead of having to subscribe to a lifetime cable, I would simply pay for a Netflix, an HBO Now, a Premiere Futebol Clube and some 24-hour news channel. Okay, my TV grid would probably be assembled for a much lower price than what I pay today on my pay TV.