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Rumors: next iPhone will have 2GB of RAM; new MacBooks Air will be launched next week

Rumors, rumors, rumors what would the Apple world be without them, anyway? Because one that turns and moves their faces has to do with the RAM in iGadgets.

iFixit disassembles iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus disassembled by iFixit.

While the iPhones remain with ?only? 1GB of RAM, the iPad Air 2 already has 2GB. Samsung, for example, kicked the stick of the tent and already tried to put 3GB of RAM in the Galaxies S6 and S6 edge. However, there is a balance between the amount of RAM and the optimization of the operating system as a whole so that it does not need to use as much random memory as a consequence, saving battery.

Apple has always done this very well. While other devices on the market have 2GB of RAM and still "choke" at various times, iPhones 6/6 Plus have only 1GB and run iOS 8 very smoothly. But there comes a point where there is nowhere to run: for the system to do more (like opening more tabs in the browser without having to reload them every time we switch from one to another, for example), more RAM is needed .

Taking into account that iPad Air 2 already have this specification, it is not very difficult to imagine that the ?iPhone 6s? (we will call the future generation of iPhones like this) also come with the same 2GB. This is what AppleInsider he said today based on sources which have proven to be reliable in the past.

They also claim that Apple is considering placing its SIM card (the one that currently comes pre-installed on iPads in the US and gives the flexibility to choose from a variety of plans from some operators) on iPhones from the next generation. Eventually this should really happen, but I honestly don't know if 2015 will timing It is right for that even taking into account the problems and challenges that such a chip represents, since operators do not seem to have liked the idea very much.

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Leaving iPhones and entering MacBooks, next week we will have another Apple event in which we will most likely know detailed information about the Apple Watch. However, as we speak, it is also possible that Apple will take the opportunity to showcase news in the Mac world.

Supposed new MacBook Air

While the The Michael Report says we will finally get to know the MacBook Air with Retina display (the 12-inch completely redesigned one), images released on the Chinese website forum show what would be a basic update of the current line of MacBooks Air (which would win processors from the ?Broadwell? family, Intel HD 6000 graphics, a slightly larger battery, among other improvements expected for updates like this).

Next week we will know what's next for the MacBook, of course, since there is still a long way to go to get to know the next generation of the iPhone.

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