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Prices of iPhones could fall in Brazil!

Apple today released its financial results for the first fiscal quarter of 2019 and, as predicted, the company's turnover was $ 84.3 billion. The company no longer details the exact numbers for each category, so the only information we received about iPhones was that overall smartphone revenue dropped 15% from last year.

M news? From a point of view, yes, since, although expected, such a reduction is never welcome. On the other hand, this serves to shake things up at Apple and a direct consequence of this being the iPhones price reduction in some markets outside the United States, as reported by Reuters.

Most likely due to this new world scenario and even the appreciation of the dollar in several countries, Tim Cook informed that this future drop in prices will serve to align the values, leaving them at a level before the current exchange rate fluctuations. The CEO of Apple also informed that this is the result of a new policy of no longer pricing iPhones taking the dollar into account; instead, everything will be set in local currency for each market! ??

The executive also confirmed the obvious: the regions where smartphone sales have been weakest in the past few months were exactly where local currencies suffered the most from the (upward) dollar fluctuations. In this way, everything will be adjusted so that prices are more in line with the local reality of each market.

Of course, in doing so, Apple will be opening up its margin which, historically, has always been quite high compared to other companies in the sector. This, however, is an account that the company probably already made and decided to reduce the margin to gain in quantity. Furthermore, if nothing goes as planned (for her), nothing prevents Cook and company from reviewing mid-term prices again (let's hope none of this happens, of course).

No one yet knows which countries will be covered by this new policy or how much that reduction will be. However, taking Cook's speech into account, the Brazil fits perfectly in the scenario described by him.

Now, let's hope this happens as soon as possible and that the prices of iPhones fall here!

via 9to5Mac