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New MacBook will start at R $ 7,649.10 (in cash); notebook prices soar!

That's right, my friends. A new MacBook it was launched today by Apple and, outside, the two models of the machine cost respectively US $ 1,299 and US $ 1,599.

New MacBook

They still have no date to arrive in Brazil, but Apple has already tried to disclose prices here. And as always, the amounts multiply in an incredible way: R $ 7,649.10 and R $ 9,449.10 this for cash payments. Those who want to split up to 12 times will have to pay R $ 8,499 or R $ 10,499. There is also the possibility to pay up to 24 times, but the interest varies according to the financial institution.

Most likely following the dollar's rise, some other Apple products have also had their prices readjusted. Let's comparative table:

Table with Apple notebook prices

It is not easy for anyone!