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iOS 12.2 also comes to grips with new iPads and iPod touch

It was not enough to ?confirm? new AirPods and images detailing ?Apple News Magazines?, the newly launched iOS 12.2 beta it also brought some references to new iPads and iPod touch.

The hacker / developer Steve Troughton-Smith found indications about four new iPads iPad11,1, iPad11,2, iPad11,3 and iPad11,4 models in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular variants (probably a new 9.7 or 10 inch iPad and a new iPad mini, as rumored), all them without Face ID (which would remain exclusive to the Pro line), as well as a possible seventh generation iPod touch (iPod9,1).

This is the second time that a rumor has emerged regarding the arrival of a new iPod touch this week, but the most curious part of tweet Troughton-Smith that this device would have neither Touch ID nor Face ID.

Unless we are talking about a device it is really all about gaming, which in fact does not need biometric authentication, it is very difficult to imagine that Apple would restrict his security only by an archaic (alpha) numeric password. In response to tweet, for example, the site editor iMore Rene Ritchie j plays with the possibility of a new system coming up with: ?Voice ID?. To be?

Obviously, there is also a possibility that the codes found by Troughton-Smith are not complete and that this new iPod touch, if it arrives at all, will come equipped with at least Touch ID. We'll see.