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iFixit disassembles updated MacBooks Air and has no surprises

The tradition continues: just leave a new Apple hardware on the market for the guys from iFixit put your hands on it and show us your insides.

Apple launched a brand new MacBook at last Monday's special event, but it also took the opportunity to update its MacBooks Air with the fifth generation of Intel's Core i5 and i7 processors, Thunderbolt 2 interface and faster PCIe flash storage.

New MacBooks Air disassembled

When opening both new 11 and 13 inch Airs, iFixit had no surprises. They are practically identical to each other and very, very similar to the generation launched last year. Even the identification of the models remains the same: A1465 and A1466.

An important detail is that the fastest flash memory has only been included in the new 13 ? MacBook Air; the 11 ? continued with the same launch two years ago, a little slower.

Although iFixit has positive points for Apple for not sticking (pasting) the battery of these MacBooks Air, the machines received a score of only 4/10 in "repairability" especially for the use of proprietary screws, RAM and SSD.

Check out the teardowns complete on the iFixit website: 11 inches, 13 inches.