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How to sign up for iFood to sell by delivery

If you want to increase how much you sell at your restaurant, knowing how to register with iFood to sell can be an excellent idea, as many owners of such establishments report increases of up to 50% in sales.

With this platform, it is possible to receive payments online, without needing a machine or messing with physical money. You can also make promotions with much more practicality (including things like free shipping or two dishes for the price of one), you greatly increase the visibility of your restaurant.

If you want to join this one too and sell through one of the biggest delivery apps, keep reading our article where we teach you step by step how to do this.

How to register with iFood to sell with your restaurant

If you are a restaurant owner, using the biggest delivery apps to increase your sales may be a good idea. To do this, you need to know how to register with iFood to sell, which we will explain in detail how to do.

Go to the official iFood website for restaurants to start your registration. On this site, you can easily register by typing all the necessary pertinent information.

Before learning how to register with iFood to sell, or any other type of platform, it is worth remembering that it is essential that you have a CNPJ.

As soon as you open the iFood page for restaurants, you will come across a form asking for your full name, email and phone number. After typing them, click"Start registration".

Start of registration

On the next screen, find another form, this one is much more complete. He asks for all the information about the restaurant, such as the CNPJ, the corporate name, the name, the telephone number, the zip code, the city and the state, the neighborhood, the address and the number.

In addition, it will also be necessary to select the specialty of your establishment, with options such as sugar, German, Chinese, Korean, seafood, snacks, pizza or healthy food. On the same screen, also select whether you have your own delivery service or not.

After clicking on the"Continue", you will receive some information on how to register with iFood to sell. It has general instructions, and some details. Click again on"Continue" and you will be redirected to a screen that explains which iFood plan is available to you.

Restaurant info How to register on iFood to sell

The first one, the "IFood Delivery", is available for those who do not have their own delivery personnel in their restaurant. With it, the platform's deliverers are responsible for delivering your orders and all you need to worry about is that the food is good and ready.

He has a free monthly fee for the first three months, but after that period it will be worth R $ 130.00. It also has a commission rate that is 25% in the first 3 months, but then becomes 27%. In general, the best option for those who want to know how to register with iFood to sell.

iFood delivers How to register with iFood to sell

The second of the plans, the"IFood Bsico", it is available to those who have couriers in your establishment, and does not depend on those on the platform. With it, the restaurant owner must be concerned with managing not only the production of the food, but also the delivery, to ensure that everything arrives quickly and with quality.

This plan has its advantages, especially when it comes to how much you need to pay to iFood. He has a free monthly fee for the first three months, which then becomes R $ 100.00. The commission charged, however, is only 12%, ensuring more profits for you. In addition, online payment has a 3.5% fee;

basic ifood How to register with iFood to sell

Choose the plan that best fits your needs and click the button?Continue with that plan?. The final step of registering with iFood to sell is to receive the digital contract by email, which must be signed and approved by iFood. After that, the platform helps you to register everything in the app.

Now you know how to register with iFood to sell and you can join the platform and start earning more! Also, check out our tips on how to sell better on iFood.

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