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How to set up the “People” feature in the iOS / macOS Photos app

We've already unraveled some of the app's mysteries Photos (Photos) in previous articles, but one of its most useful resources (and tightly inspired by a tool that has been on Google Photos for years) can go unnoticed by users: it?s People, a feature that recognizes the faces in your photos and, from there, gives the user a series of personalized options.

In other words: if you capture a lot of photos and don't take advantage of the feature, you're missing out on one of the most useful parts of Photos. So, let's take a general look at how the tool works and what options does it give you?

People feature of the Photos app on iOS 11

First, very easy Access your photos separated by the people in them. Just touch the ?albums? tab and select the ?People? album; Inside, you will find thumbnails with the faces of all the people who appear frequently in your photos. Just touch any one of them to open all the images in which the individual appears.

IOS tries to automatically name identified people based on their contacts, but it doesn?t prove mistakes, so you can rename some face incorrectly identified. To do this, just touch the face you want to rename and touch "Add Name" at the top of the screen.

People feature of the Photos app on iOS 11

Once you have correctly named all the people, you can rate your favorites these will appear at the top of the album whenever you open it, for quick access. To do this, just touch the heart in the bottom right corner of each person. You can also touch the ?Select? button at the top of the screen and touch everyone you want to leave as a favorite, touching ?Add? when choosing everyone.

The artificial intelligence features of Fotos, of course, are not foolproof, so the app can identify a person as two different ones, since the hair has changed a lot, or the person has had plastic surgery. For match the photos of these two albums, just select them and touch ?Combine?.

In addition, you can tell the app when it incorrectly identifies a name or face. Within a person's album, tap ?Select? and ?Show Faces? to focus on the identified face. Select all the faces that are not the person in question and tap the share button, selecting "No This Person". The photos will be removed from the album.

People feature of the Photos app on iOS 11

To conclude: by default, Fotos chooses a photo considered ?good? by a certain person to place it as a miniature photo, that is, the one that represents it in the album. possible change the thumbnail photo of someone going to the person's album, touching the ?Select? button, touching the ?Show Faces? option, selecting the photo you want to use, touching the share button and selecting ?Create Main Photo?. ?

It is worth mentioning that in macOS Photos the feature works in a very similar way, being possible to perform the same tasks (with some basic differences related to the interface of each of the operating systems / devices, of course).

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These were some tips on how to use the feature which, if put into practice, offers a number of interesting options, such as Memory Movies or Live Photos personalized and more. Interesting, isn't it? If you have more suggestions, you can leave them below!