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Get ready: a flood of external chargers and batteries will be created for the new MacBook

When we talk a little bit about the door USB-C of the new MacBook in this post, we comment on the possibility that it opens for the arrival of accessories capable of recharging the notebook.

New MacBook

As Apple's MagSafe standard, the company chose not to open it to the market. This means that there is only one way to recharge these Macs: through Apple's power adapter. Now, however, that will change. The fact that USB-C is not an Apple standard right away allows us to imagine new third-party chargers for the most varied or even those external batteries that we are used to seeing / using on iPhones.

Corroborating this idea, some sources of 9to5Mac they said that Ma will do nothing to block the use of these accessories that they should paint around. Want to get an idea of ??the potential of the thing? It will be possible, for example, to connect a MacBook to another Mac to recharge it!

As we mentioned in episode # 122 of On AirChanging from MagSafe to USB-C is not a simple thing since the benefits (being reversible and magnetic, ideal for preventing accidents when someone bumps into the wire) of this technology owned by Apple are great. But we cannot deny that the arrival of USB-C also brought incredible pros.

A pity that Apple was unable to put at least two USB-C ports on this machine or, who knows, a MagSafe and a USB-C.