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Apple would also be planning a “Netflix of games” for its service catalog

Gradually, Apple's plans for its future with its two feet embedded in the multimedia world are becoming clearer: Apple Music is already running at full throttle, and the service of streaming Ma's series and films should arrive soon with a possible magazine and newspaper subscription platform. Is that all, however?

According to the Cheddar, no: there is a fourth face to this endeavor, and she lives in the world of video games. The report cited five anonymous sources close to the matter who said that Apple is in the early stages of planning for a supposed ?Netflix of games? that is, a service in which users would pay a monthly fee and have access to a games catalog free to play on Ma's devices.

According to sources heard, Apple has been discussing its plans since the second half of last year with a number of developers and game studios on the App Store. Apparently, if the project gets to see the light of day, Ma's idea goes beyond the role of simply maintaining the platform: company executives want to act as publishers, partnering with celebrated stadiums and creating exclusive titles that attract users to the Cupertino platform.

It is worth noting that, although the App Store is already one of the largest (if not the largest) game distributors in the world, a service of this type would serve another category of games with more complex and more attractive titles for audiences that go beyond casual games like Candy Crush Saga and company. That the latest Apple devices are capable of running these video games, they certainly are.

There is still no information on the possible launch dates and price (s) of this coming platform or even if the plans will materialize. In this regard, we will certainly have to wait and see, these are not plans that will already be revealed in the possible March event. Or who knows?

via Techmeme