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Apple Reports Shortage of Parts for Repairing Old Watches

Apple yesterday sent a statement to its stores and Authorized Service Centers obtained by MacRumors informing that there are few parts to repair Original Apple Watches (aka ?Series 0?) and Series 1 42mm.

In such cases, in order not to harm the customer, Apple recommends that the attendants replace the device with a model Series 2.

Obviously, the policy is not widespread (it may be that certain locations have access to parts for repair) and is far less definitive, which means that these stocks may soon be normalized. Apple's statement also does not cite the 38mm versions.

Even so, whoever is ?benefited? by the problem will certainly be very happy. The Apple Watch Series 2 is not only much faster than the previous ones, but also waterproof; check out our full review of it.

Golden Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

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