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Apple Glass? 2020. Apple Car? 2023-25 ​​- Ming-Chi Kuo bet

If the rumors are big, we can expect them to probably come from the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who now works for TF International Securities. This time, the developer of future Apple projects told us a little about two Ma products that are widely talked about but little really known: "Apple Car" it's the "Apple Glass".

According to Kuo, Apple will launch a car with its own brand, once again defeating the rumor that the giant would join other manufacturers to produce parts and components for autonomous cars at some point between 2023 and 2025. For Kuo, Ma's car will be the ?next star product? and should represent a change in the auto market, just as the iPhone impacted the smartphone market in 2007.

The analyst presents four justifications for the importance of a supposed vehicle launched by Apple, ranging from the ?huge need for replacement? and new technologies in the automotive sector to ?better integration of hardware, software and services? than competitors in the sector of electronics.

We expect the Apple Car, which is likely to be released between 2023 and 2025, to be the company's next star product. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Huge replacement requirements are emerging in the automotive sector, redefined by new technologies, the same case in the smartphone sector ten years ago;
  2. Apple's main technological advantages (for example, AR) can redefine cars and differentiate the Apple Car from other manufacturers' products;
  3. Apple's service will grow significantly by entering the huge car finance market with the Apple Car;
  4. Apple can better integrate hardware, software and service than current competitors in the consumer electronics industry and potential competitors in the automotive industry.

If there is a vehicle in development, it is likely to be the result of Apple's popular ?Project Titan?, which has been underway at least since 2014. After many torments, leadership problems and internal conflicts, the dust finally seems to have settled down. this Ma development team, currently led by Bob Mansfield, a former executive at the company who had retired.

"Apple Glass"

As I said, in addition to the car, Kuo also referred to the project of the "Apple Glass", supposedly augmented reality glasses from Ma and long awaited by consumers, but which also disappeared on the horizon.

According to the analyst, the project is in progress and it is possible that it will be launched in two years, in 2020. To 9to5MacThis makes sense since Apple has been working hard on implementing AR software with ARKit and the next logical step is to introduce hardware that matches this experience.

Despite not going into much detail about the characteristics of this possible gadget from Apple, Kuo analyzed that the company plans to redefine the UIs of its existing products, offering a full AR experience allowed through the glasses.

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Based on Kuo's analysis, both of Ma's major projects are expected in a few years' time, something that until then was difficult to conceive in the near future. Still, if the rumors prove to be true, the "Project Titan", specifically, has spanned about a whole decade, perhaps the longest project ever developed by Ma. Not least.

via MacRumors